Murder Your Darlings

If there’s one thing I like more than finding cool new (to me) bands, it’s finding new bands with cool names. And as cool names and cool bands go, it’s tough to beat Murder Your Darlings.

Formed in late 2002 from the ashes of Ohio's two loudest bands (The Vincents and The Igniters), MYD have been playing all over the Midwest and east coast since. They released their self-titled debut CD in 2004, then hit the road as support for bands such as The Dirtbombs and the Detroit Cobras. As a headlining act, MYD quickly got a reputation for their tight live shows, with New York’s Village Voice raving, “Their sound is locked down like a deadbolt, delivering visceral uppercuts with precise aim. The live show is a furious onslaught of abrasive rock and roll.”

It took three years, but in 2007, Murder Your Darlings released their sophomore effort, Modern Man’s Blues. Like their debut, Modern Man’s Blues is punk with a Midwestern edge. It’s punk rock made by working class kids, not suburban Hot Topic kids. “It’s the kinda rock,” MYD says, “best served through the one functioning speaker in the car with one headlight still working on the way to another place where you will not, cannot, and never will, find work.”

For tonight’s music, I’ve pulled one song (“Tear the Walls Down”) from MYD’s last album, and two from their debut. If you like these – and there’s no reason you shouldn’t – there are a few more songs at the Murder Your Darlings Web site. And if you like those, go buy their damn albums.

Tear the Walls Down.mp3
Miss Compromise .mp3
Murder County.mp3

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