New Morning Glory - you need it!

Through the branches of a rock family tree comes today’s music.

Several months ago, I found on someone’s (I forget whose – sorry!) blog a song by a band called Leftöver Crack. I thought that was an interesting name, but I also dug the music.

Jump to sometime recently. The Leftöver Crack song came up in my iPod shuffle, which got me wondering what else the band has released. Checking around led me to more checking around, which ultimately led me to Ezra Kire.

Kire was born in Canada, went to school in Sri Lanka, and probably lives now in New York. He is, it turned out, the common link among bands such as Leftöver Crack, INDK, Choking Victim, and Morning Glory.

Morning Glory was one of those sort-of-semi-legendary-super-group-underground punk bands from New York City. They originally got together in 2001, after INDK broke up. Kire was working on some solo stuff, with assistance from local musicians. The resulting album was This is No Time ta Sleep. It was a hit with the “Crack Rocksteady” fan base of the NYC punk scene. Morning Glory played a few shows around New York, but with Leftöver Crack's impending Fuck World Trade tour, Morning Glory took a back seat.

Not much was heard from the band or about any new material until late 2005 when Kire made some California appearances with Leftöver Crack. People there began to ask him about Morning Glory. He responded that he planned to get the band back together for a new album and a tour.

Morning Glory was more or less on hold throughout 2007 and through the first half of this year. Then yesterday, Leftover Crack posted a bulletin on MySpace with a link to the new Morning Glory page, along with a demo of the new song, “Not Another Christmas.”

I have no idea what the song is really about, but I’m guessing that, despite the jingle bells at the beginning, it has nothing to do with the holiday season. The music, if you’re not familiar with Morning Glory, is punk while still being melodic while not being pop-punk.

Along with the new song, I’m also tossing in “The Whole World is Watching” from the 2003 EP of the same name.

Not Another Christmas.mp3
The Whole World is Watching.mp3

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