Dreams of a Tortured Stratocaster

I had a weird dream last night about seeing a Jimi Hendrix iMax concert movie. I don’t know what prompted the dream; I haven’t listened to a full Hendrix album in weeks. But I remember in the dream being completely awed by the power of seeing him play live. And while I am getting to be pretty damn old, I was seven when Jimi died, so I’ve only ever seen him play in the grainy footage of the times in which he lived.

The dream has kind of stuck with me while I’ve gone through my usual Sunday morning routine, so I thought it might be kind of cool to post up some Hendrix today. I was going to just pick a couple of live songs from a commercial release, but then I thought I’d dig around a little and see if I could come up with something a little more interesting.

What I found is a boot titled, variously, Jimi Hendrix Demos 1967, or Jimi Hendrix Demos 1968. I guess it depends on what source you use, but I think it’s also better known as Out of the Studio: Demos from 1967. I’ll assume it dates from 1967, since most of the tracks ended up on the Experience’s debut album, Are You Experienced

I don’t have too much other information about this disk, but here are the notes that came with the file:

Purple Haze (2:39) Incredible psychedelic version with Hendrix's overdubbed voice.
Red House (10:45) 
Various takes.
La poupée qui fait non (3:35) 
An unheard version of the Michel Polnareff song.
I Don't Live Today (16:10) 
Four different takes (vocal and instrumental) where Hendrix really showed what he was capable of at that time.
Fire (2:35) 
Unreleased version.
The Wind Cries Mary (3:30) Unreleased version.

(Note: I don’t know whether or not the tracks marked as “unreleased” or “unheard” really are; that’s just what the notes in the file said.)

Purple Haze.mp3
Red House.mp3
Ma Pouppee Qui Fait Non.mp3
I Don’t Live Today.mp3
The Wind Cries Mary.mp3

On a related note, if Martin Scorsese wants to make a Hendrix concert film, I’m available to assist. Call me.

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At 9:18 AM , Blogger Lois said...

ahh,i just saw ur entry by changce and find im interested in it.thats happend to me either,hehe,i mean the dream.somehow,i often dream about some bands i like most.like Simple Plan and The Daysleepers.i put their songs into my mpsplayer list during the daytime.but maybe it can tell me something i havent awared yet.dream,is a mysterious thing.haha,sometime i told myself maybe i should read more Sigmund Freuds book.thats good for me and for my odd dreams.haha.

At 7:03 PM , Blogger aikin said...

thanks, Lois! I don't know what Freud would say about my dream of an iMax movie. I usually don't have dreams like this, that's why I thought it interesting enough to write about.

Thanks for checking out my little blog, hope you become a regular visitor!


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