God Save the King

There’s no shortage of bands that cover songs in styles never intended by the songwriters. Dread Zeppelin come to mind as do Beatallica, a Beatles-inspired Metallica cover band (or vice-versa).

I recently stumbled on a band that puts a new twist on the bizarre cover band genre: The Sex Presleys. As the name would seem to indicate, the Sex Presleys are a twisted mash-up of Elvis Presley and the Sex Pistols. Or, as they put it, “Sex Presleys are the bastard demon child of Las Vegas Elvis and a transgender Sex Pistols.”

Other than the fact that the band is from San Francisco, there is no information about them on their MySpace. The four Presleys are Priscilla (vocals), Nick Pistol (guitar), Markie Balls (bass), and Lev (drums). Other biographical information seems pretty scarce.

These songs come from the band’s MySpace. Check ‘em out; if nothing else, they’re fun. There are a few more on the Sex Presleys site if you’re so inclined.

Burning Love.mp3
I Can’t Help Falling in Love.mp3

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