Got a little more new music from a young, pretty new band. If you like Be Your Own Pet, I think you’ll dig BangBangBang.

BangBangBang, not to be confused with the South Carolina band of the same name, come from England and play a pop-punk type rock that’s been drawing them crowds and acclaim in the UK. Their debut single “This Way / That Way,” released in June on New Slang Records, went to number two on the UK Indie Singles Chart.

“When I saw them live,” said Phil Jackson of BBC Radio, “they shattered the normally genteel air by combining the spirit of ‘76 punk with a 21st century sensibility. I was floored by their attitude and energy.”

There’s not a lot of biographical information about BangBangBang, but I can tell you they are a trio, made up of Natalie Chahal, Tom Aylott, and Sam Parkin. They name influences as diverse as The Stooges and PJ Harvey. Live, they’ve supported, among others, The Damned, Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, and Crystal Castles. And, they say, “We like playing really loud and really fast! We like sunglasses.”

BangBangBang are currently out on the road somewhere in the UK. In whatever free time they have, they are also working on their first full-length album. Meanwhile, earlier this month, they made available free downloads of their latest music, which is where today’s post comes from. For more information, check out BangBangBang’s MySpace. And look for these guys to get some notice over here. Soon.

Don’t Let Me Out.mp3
Fashion Victim.mp3

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