Doing Favours for Sailors

I’ll tell you what appeals to me about London-based quartet Favours for Sailors: They’ve got a guitar-driven, very catchy sound reminiscent of Television, and they describe themselves as “Becks-fueled.” Becks being my beer-of-choice at my gentleman’s club-of-choice (pay no attention to the blatant attempt at landing a sponsor).

Favours for Sailors comes from London, where they formed in late 2005 after Alex Bratt arrived in town and reunited with university friend Jon Crawford. The two started practicing together in an old leather factory, forging an early post-hardcore sound of unplayable, mathy songs about chance encounters between witches and cowboys.

Over the next couple of years, Favours took shape as guitarist Matthew Hayward (aka Maltese Falcon) joined up with Bratt (aka AKDB, the bassist) and Crawford (aka JRC, guitars and vocals). Drummer Daniel Starza (DSS) is the band’s most recent member.

Currently, Favours for Sailors is touring the southern UK with Dananananaykroyd. On March 2, Favours will release their debut disk, Furious Sons on Tough Love Records. Tonight’s music is a preview of what you can expect from that album. Good stuff.

I Dreamt That I Dreamt That You Loved Me.mp3

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