Evan Voytas Lives His Life Here for You

I just got this creepy/cool version of “Never My Love,” reworked by L.A.-based singer and instrumentalist Evan Voytas. His take on the Association’s 1967 hit fully exemplifies Voytas’ range of influences: “Something that sounds like Burt Bacharach and Bjork collaborating in a bedroom studio.”

The 25-year-old Voytas comes from rural Pennsylvania, where he was raised on a diet of oldies. As a teenager he discovered jazz and moved to New York to cultivate that love. Studying music at the City College of New York, he started his own quartet and began making a name for himself in the modern jazz scene. Then he decided he needed a change and headed west.

After a few months exploring pueblos in New Mexico, Evan returned to New York City, shaved his beard, and found himself playing lead guitar and singing back-up for teen-pop phenom Teddy Geiger.

Evan began recording as a solo musician last year, releasing a 7-song EP, Introducing Evan Voytas. He just signed a deal with RCRD LBL and released a two-song single. You can download it for free from the label’s site.

In the meanwhile, check out this cover of “Never My Love.” To me, it sounds kind of Radiohead-ish, but see what you think.

Never My Love.mp3

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At 1:20 PM , Blogger Phil O. said...

It's a classic song -- the risks of messing with it are great -- but Evan does a good job with it, too. Esp. enjoy the percussion.

Thanks for the post.


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