“A Little Sailboat Named Annie”

I recently ran across an old Heart boot that I found interesting for a couple of reasons: One, that it’s really old; and two, because there are some interesting choices in Led Zeppelin covers.

The Wilson sisters are no strangers to Zeppelin covers, of course. Their acoustic side project, The Lovemongers, recorded a version of “The Battle of Evermore” for the Singles soundtrack. “Rock and Roll” is the closing number on the 1980 album Greatest Hits Live. And a quick Google will pull up a few others.

On this recording of Heart’s June 1, 1976, show at the Aquarius Tavern in Shoreline, Wash., they picked some tough songs: “The Rover,” “Stairway to Heaven,” and “You Shook Me.” I’ve opted to include only the version of “You Shook Me” (which is part of a medley) because “The Rover” got cut somewhere in the recording process, and this version of “Stairway” just seems blasphemous. It’s one of those songs no one but Zeppelin should do. I’m a purist like that.

The other two are Heart songs – just a couple I happen to like. I’m not much of a Heart fan, but I do enjoy a couple of their old songs. If you have any interest in hearing the entire recording, drop me a note and I’ll let you know where to get it.

Mother Earth Blues / You Shook Me (medley).mp3
Crazy on You.mp3
Dreamboat Annie.mp3

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