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Once again time to dig through the mess that regularly describes the Licorice Pizza mailbox. I got a lot of stuff over the holiday season and tried to get as much of it up as I could – particularly since it was Christmas-oriented, so kind of time sensitive.

What’s left over is – as always – a large mix of goodies. My friends at Mary Shelley Overdrive sent me some new music, which I’m always happy to see/hear. There’s also some “indie” stuff for those of you of that persuasion.

Also a couple of things that are miles outside of my usual listening habits, but that I thought interesting enough to share. The first is Ok_Ma’s take on the Pretenders’ “Brass in Pocket.” Then you’ve got that Bowie / ELO mash up, which was weird enough to warrant inclusion here. I was into mash ups for about a week once, but every now and then I’ll hear one I don’t mind. The thing with a lot of these is that you’ve grown so accustomed to the original songs that it just doesn’t sound right mixed with something else. And that often proves too much of a distraction for me.

Also, be sure to check out the Katalin song, “Come and Go.” Katalin is a German sort-of-electronic band that recorded a sort-of-country version of one of their songs. The result is pretty interesting. By the way, the band is named for singer Katalin Kleeman, but the woman in the picture is the lovely bass player Katharina Dommisch.

Like always, follow the links for more info.

Mary Shelley Overdrive
Post punk / Psychedelic / Glam
From: Columbia, S.C.
Band MySpace
The Lament of Janos Skorzeny.mp3

Nu-Jazz / Hawaiian / Glam
From: London, UK
Band MySpace
Brass in Pocket (Pretenders cover).mp3 (ft. Lea Lea Jones)

Alternative / Electronica / Hip Hop
From: Dallas, Texas
Band MySpace
Suffragette Woman (David Bowie vs. ELO).mp3

Electronica / Alternative
From: Berlin / London
Band MySpace
Come and Go (country version) .mp3

Indie / Folk Rock / 2-step
From: Bucks County, Penn.
Band MySpace
Are You Coming With Me.mp3

Lower Heaven
From: Silverlake, Calif.
Band MySpace
Lose it All at Once.mp3

Funeral Party
Indie / Rock / Alternative
From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Band MySpace

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At 2:34 PM , Blogger brambleman said...

Hey thanks for the Stones, Havana and ShirleyGarbage, all real cool.
Looks like we both are getting censored by Fuzzy, hah!

At 5:32 PM , Blogger aikin said...

hey brambleman -
thanks for the note. I wasn't aware Fuzzy was "censoring" me. I only occasionally put my links on their page, since my posts are usually smaller than most of their users.

I'll check it next time I post over there.


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