Untitled Zeppelin post (take 3)

Live from Arizona, my temporarily recurring feature here at the Licorice Pizza: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Sessions disks.

I’ll be honest with you here: This set is probably going to appeal mainly to the hardcore Zeppelin fans. There are 45 tracks, of which 39 are named either “untitled instrumental” or “unknown song.” Of the instrumental tracks, the majority are less than a minute in length and consist of Jimmy Page playing and expanding on various riffs or just noodling. There are no songs here with the full band. The “unknown song” tracks are mainly Robert Plant working out some vocals alongside Page’s guitar playing. Unfortunately, there are no hidden treasures here.

In some respects it is interesting to hear a guitar genius like Page working out a riff and hearing some familiar chords in different contexts. Particularly interesting is hearing the evolution of "That's the Way." On the other hand, you truly have to be a Zeppelin fanatic to listen to Page strum the same few chords over and over. I’ll leave it to you to decide what group you’re in.

To help you out, what I’ve done is pull the tracks I feel are the most interesting and post those individually. I’ve dropped the entire thing into a zip file if you’re interested in hearing the recordings in their entirety.

According to the notes that came with the file, these were recorded at Bron-Yr-Aur Cottage, Machynlleth Gwynedd, Wales and Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, England, in May and June 1970. That would put this as part of the Led Zeppelin III sessions, probably early on, before John Bonham and John Paul Jones joined Plant and Page at Headley Grange.

Complete Track List
1. I Wanna Be Her Man
2-19. untitled instrumentals
20. Hey Hey What Can I Do?
21-26. untitled instrumentals
27. Down By The Sea Side
28. unknown song
29. untitled instrumental
30-32. unknown songs
33-34. untitled instrumentals
35. Poor Tom
36-37. untitled instrumentals
38-41. That's The Way (four versions)
42. Bron-Yr-Aur
43-45. untitled instrumentals

Selected Track List
I Wanna Be Her Man.mp3
10. untitled instrumental.mp3
11. untitled instrumental.mp3
17. untitled instrumental.mp3
Hey Hey What Can I Do (inst).mp3
21. untitled instrumental.mp3
Down by the Sea Side.mp3
Down by the Sea Side.mp3
Poor Tom.mp3
That’s the Way.mp3
That’s the Way.mp3
That’s the Way.mp3
That’s the Way.mp3
43. untitled instrumental.mp3
44 untitled instrumental.mp3

Un"Zep" it all here

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At 6:32 PM , Blogger a Tart said...

thanks! and here I was wondering what to listen to tonight, sorry for the Dolly Parton :)

At 1:54 PM , Blogger Barnrat said...

Hi, Thanks for so much great Zeppelin!!!

The zip links for parts 3, 5 8, and 9 don't seem to work for me. Is there anyway to re-link them?

Thanks so much!!!



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