How about some Pretty Whores?

Not just any pretty whores, but Pretty Whores of Manhattan.

Before you get out your credit cards, let me tell you these Pretty Whores are actually a three-piece rock band from Sweden. They came almost two years ago out of Lund, Sweden. Since then, guitarist Anton Collinder, bass player Viktor Rinneby, and drummer Viktor Fagerqvist have been the opening act for bands such as Be Your Own Pet and Electric Eel Shock.

Swedish radio station P3 recently voted them “Demo Band of the Month.” The Pretty Whores have also been featured in several Swedish rock magazines. One of them, Scandinavia’s punk rock and garage magazine Denimzine, said, “There’s something about the attitude that feels genuine; no posing, just pure joy and an everlasting energy!”

The Pretty Whores of Manhattan compare their sound to early Beastie Boys (the pre-Licensed to Ill, punk days). I’m not sure I see that exactly, but I feel the Beasties' energy in the Pretty Whores. These Swedish rockers are garage with a big ol' dose of punk rock. As they say, “Either you’ll like it or you’ll pass out.”

Pistol in My Hand.mp3
200 Dollar Girl.mp3

For more information and a couple more songs, check out the Pretty Whores of Manhattan’s MySpace.

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