Alice for All Hallows' Eve

Alright – here’s the deal. As you may or may not have noticed, posts have been few and far between these last few weeks. I’ll tell you the truth: I’ve kind of lost my excitement for blogging. I’ve been doing this for about three-and-a-half years. At first it was great fun and I was finding and sharing a lot of great music. Recently, though, I haven’t heard much that’s really excited me. When I feel half-arsed about the music, my lack of enthusiasm tends to come across in my posts, and as something I’m doing for fun, I don’t think I should have to fake anything.

I’ve paid for my host through June of next year, so I will continue to post until then, and continue to share new and old music that I enjoy. Once my host expires, I’ll make a decision as to whether I want to continue. Right now I’d have to say I probably won’t continue. But before you get all teary-eyed, remember that is still several months away.

With that said, Happy Halloween.

Ever since I’ve gotten too old for trick-or-treating I haven’t cared much for Halloween. Costume parties have never held an attraction for me – I usually get tired of the costume after a couple of hours and want to change. My last “costume” involved a mullet wig, which I might still have.

But since it is Halloween, I thought I could at least post something appropriate. I dug through my CDs for one of my all-time favorite live albums, The Alice Cooper Show.

Warner Records released The Alice Cooper Show in December 1977, while Alice was in treatment for alcoholism. The album came from two shows recorded in August of that year at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas. It was during that tour (the “King of the Silver Screen” tour) that Alice was reported to have hit his alcoholic peak, downing as much as two cases of Budweiser and a bottle of whiskey a day. You can tell on the album that he sometimes sounds a little frayed around the edges.

Under My Wheels.mp3
Is It My Body.mp3
I Never Cry.mp3

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At 9:22 AM , Blogger jonderneathica said...

I've thought about giving up my blog after another year or so. I hope you decide to stick with it, because I enjoy reading Licorice Pizza!

At 6:12 AM , Blogger Löst Jimmy said...

Well I'm still reading the blog and it is worth every syllable and full stop. Keep up the good work


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