'Click, Click, Bang, Bang'

I have had an old song from Miss Derringer on my iPod forever it seems like. I love the band’s combination of blues, country, 60’s girl-group, and noir. There’s something that gets me every time I hear that kind of dark music sung in a voice as smooth as Liz McGrath’s.

A little earlier this year, Miss Derringer released their third disk, Winter Hill. The album is based on the true story of an Irish gang war in Boston. The 1960’s setting for the album’s tale lends itself perfectly to the lead single, “Click, Click, Bang, Bang.” That song – and a lot of the others on the album – combines the rock-a-billy of the Detroit Cobras with the pop of early Blondie, bands who also draw / drew big time from 60’s groups.

While still steeped in darkness, Winter Hill is, musically anyway, a lighter album than its predecessor, 2006’s Lullabies. There’s nothing remotely like the latter’s title track; despite its subject matter, the new album seems altogether much more upbeat.

Click, Click, Bang, Bang.mp3

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