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Those of you who have been around for a while will remember almost two years ago when I first posted about Alabama hip-hop trio Chalant. That post remains one of my most popular, not only because the songs were great, but because one of the songs I posted was “Suck My Pussy,” which seems to attract a lot of random Googlers.

It’s taken some time, but Chalant has finally released some new music. They were kind enough to drop me a note the other day to let me know about the new EP, Special Places.

While not at all short on the sexums, Special Places is a lot darker and angrier than The Trill Life. “Freaky Secret” and “Cop Killer,” which more or less bookend the disk, are sort of a matched set of songs about revenge killings. And “Dead Men Don’t Rape” is singer Jenital Candies getting back at a father who molested her by putting him in a cage and making him “eat his own poop.”

The music is slow groove, synth-based hip-hop, sort of along the lines of Prince’s old protégés from the 80’s, Apollonia 6. Something you could grind to in a club, maybe.

Check out this track, then click over to Chalant’s MySpace, where you can download Special Places for free.

Dead Men Don’t Rape.mp3

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