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My first post of October – five days in – and my first mailbox purge. The inbox filled up insanely quick over the last couple of weeks. I was already trying to decide whether I should dump everything at once or split it into a couple of posts. But after I culled through everything, deleting the invites to things I can’t attend and the music you don’t want to hear, I was left with this single, decent-sized post.

A lot of this music veers toward the “indie” side of things. I’ve mentioned before that, as a general rule, I don’t care much for that genre. Using that admittedly flexible guideline, I’ve done my best to not subject you to a lot of things I wouldn’t listen to myself.

A couple of recommendations – for those who don’t want to sample a little of each: I like Red Cortez. “Fell on the Floor” has a sorta-U2 feel, for part of the song, then other parts go in another direction altogether. The Electric Tickle Machine, in addition to having a cool name, is a decent sounding psychedelic-cum-garage band from New York’s East Village. I also dig “Bare Hands, Bare Feet” from The Bright Hour Social Hour. It’s an up tempo rocker with a groovy riff.

But really, you may as well check out all the music; it won’t cost you anything extra and you’re likely to find something else you like even more.

As always, follow the links for more information.

City Light
Indie / Alternative / Rock
From: San Francisco, Calif.
Band Myspace

The Bright Light Social Hour
From: Austin, Texas
Band Myspace
Bare Hands, Bare Feet.mp3

Chris Kirby
Blues / Pop / Soul
From: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Band Myspace
Don’t Forget About Me.mp3

My Tiger My Timing

Pop / Idol / Visual
From: London, U.K.
Band Myspace
I am the Sound (Hook And The Twin Remix).mp3

Real Ones

Indie / Folk / Rock
From: Bergen, Norway
Band Myspace
Every Dog Has His Day.mp3

Electric Tickle Machine
Psychedelic / Garage / Pop
From: e. vill, N.Y.
Band Myspace
Gimme Money.mp3

Loch Lomond
Folk / Experimental / Pop
From: Portland, Ore.
Band Myspace
Wax and Wire.mp3

Electro / Alternative / New Wave
From: Lisbon, Portugal
Band Myspace

Emotronic / Folk / Healing & Easy Listening
From: Portland, Ore.
Band Myspace
Safely in Jail.mp3

Red Cortez
From: California
Band Myspace
Fell on the Floor.mp3

Flood of Red
From: Glasgow, Scotland U.K.
Band Myspace
Paper Lungs.mp3

(pictures, top-to-bottom: The Bright Light Social Hour, Electric Tickle Machine, Red Cortez

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