'Praying to the God of Giving Up'

Today’s music is a great, fun band out of Portland, Ore. And, really, how often do you hear that?

The Taxpayers are a four-piece whose music ranges from folk-sounding punk to hardcore and pretty much anywhere in between. “Probably the best aspect of The Taxpayers is that it's damn near impossible to tell what they're going to do next,” the Free Music Archive said in a review.

I don’t know much about these guys; they’ve been together a few years I think, and they’ve released a couple of albums. The latest, A Rhythm in the Cages, is out on Quote Unquote Records, a purely donation-based record label (take that, you corporate weasels!).

The Taxpayers remind me much of early Against Me! in their full on, mostly acoustic and percussion punk assault. Singer Rob Taxpayer also sounds more than a little like Tom Gabel.

Check out these couple of songs, then click over to the Taxpayers MySpace, where you can find the download links for their albums and some older, live stuff.

No Lodging for the Mad.mp3
Cuyuahoga Canal.mp3

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At 7:36 PM , Blogger Phil (anthropic) said...

Hey, found this browsing around, thanks for giving us a mention! It's great to know we're sneaking out to blogs around the nets.

Much love,
Phil Gobstopper
(and all the other Taxpayers)


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