‘Sad Songs Swinging In My Whiskey Head’

I ran into something kinda interesting a couple of days ago and I thought I’d share it with you good people. I’ve never heard of a German band called Madstateworld, but apparently their singer, Tom Mess, went solo last year.

Like I said, I wasn’t familiar with Madstateworld, but I have listened some to Tom’s solo stuff, which is pretty interesting. Mess’ gravely voice and songs of heartache and drunkenness bring to mind a little bit of Tom Waits, if Waits had a near indecipherable German accent and was loaded on whiskey.

Mess has released a couple of albums in Germany, the most recent being The Krämer Tapes. He was with Madstateworld for seven years before deciding to go it on his own. And on his own he is: it’s only Mess and his guitar now. “I have tasted new blood,” he says about his solo career.

You can check out some of Mess’ music on his MySpace page. From there you can also get to the link to download The Krämer Tapes, which I encourage you to do. You can also bounce over to the Madstateworld page. In the meantime, though, try these songs on for size.

Whiskey and Water.mp3
Already Done.mp3

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