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Oops – looks like it’s been a couple of weeks since I purged the mailbox. There was a lot of stuff in there, but probably half of it was either random PR things or music you probably don’t want to hear.

From the surviving half I managed to pull several decent items. Of particular note is Spider Problem, a rock band out of El Lay. They are without a doubt my pick of this post, with a sound that kinda sorta reminds me of X.

Another interesting band is The Bad Dogs. The Bad Dogs are fronted by two teenage girls (one is 16 years old and the other is 18 years old), who, rather than going the power pop route a la Avril Lavigne, they’ve instead turned out a tasty little garage rock number, “Power to My Amp.”

A couple of bands are making encore appearances in my mailbox: Amanda Zelina just released her version of “Try a Little Tenderness,” the oft-recorded track made big in 1966 by Otis Redding. Also returning with another track from their soon-to-be-released debut is garage super group The Almighty Defenders.

As always, follow the links for more information.

The Bad Dogs
Rock / Soul / Indie
From: Brunoy, Ile-de-France, France
Band MySpace
Power to My Amp.mp3

The Wooden Birds
From: Austin, Texas
Band MySpace
Hometown Fantasy.mp3

Sean Bones

Indie / Pop
From: Cobble Hill, U.S.
Band MySpace
Dance Hall (Bodega Girls remix).mp3

Electric Tickle Machine
Psychedelic / Garage / Pop
From: e. vill, NY
Band MySpace
Part of Me.mp3

The Antlers
Indie / Ambient
From: Brooklyn, NY
Band MySpace

Tiny Vipers
Gothic / Acoustic / Ambient
From: Seattle, Wash.
Band MySpace

Spider Problem
Rock / Rock / Rock
From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Band MySpace

The Radiant

Rock / Indie
From: New York, NY
Band MySpace
I Don’t Need a Reason.mp3

The Almighty Defenders
Rock / Garage
From: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Band MySpace
Cone of Light.mp3

Amanda Zelina
Pop / Soul / Alternative
From: swamp water, Canada
Band MySpace
Try a Little Tenderness.mp3

Indie / Pop / Soul
From: Seattle, Wash.
Band MySpace
Prince of Tacoma.mp3

Logan Lynn
Indie / Pop / Emotronic
From: Portland, Ore.
Band MySpace
Feed Me to the Wolves.mp3

(Pictures, top-to-bottom: The Bad Dogs, Electric Tickle Machine, Spider Problem, Amanda Zelina)

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