“I can still taste the urine”

You’re probably going to need to clear the kids out of the room for today’s post. The music is once again courtesy of an “add” request to my MySpace space.

I’ll add pretty much anyone, but I will check out your page to make sure you’re not a spammer. When I saw a request from Chalant and went to their MySpace, the first thing I noticed was that they have classified themselves as “hip-hop/rap/pop.” Well, OK. But almost simultaneously, I saw they are “Representin’ the Bible belt, bitch,” and the top song on their player is “Suck My Pussy.”

Maybe this is worth looking into, I’m thinking.

Turns out “Suck My Pussy” is about sex while working at Wendy’s, something that may have resulted in vocalist Jenital Candies losing a job at some point. In another song, I heard some lyrics about anal fisting that had me LMAO, so to speak.

A quick bio, from Chalant’s MySpace: “Chalant met in high school when they were age 14. They started making beats on desks and rhyming in class. This was recorded on a Home Alone Talk-Boy while the teacher was explaining shit. These tapes became our first demos and were later recorded officially in Papa-Nut's parents' house, while under the influence of a wide array of substances. This led to the widely acclaimed Juicy EP featuring ‘Don't You Moderate His Caucus (But I Love Him),’ which was sold to schoolchildren to accumulate more drug money. With those purchases, Chalant was able to record their follow-up album Fuck Break, which explores the fine line between classical chamber music repertoire and southern crunk music.”

Check these guys out. Even if you’re not a hip-hop fan, the lyrics will have you laughing as you’re up and shaking that ass. You can download the new disk, The Trill Life for free from Chalant’s MySpace.

Suck My Pussy.mp3
Do My Boo.mp3
The Glock Been Popped.mp3

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At 5:51 PM , Blogger a Tart said...

ok, but all I wanna know is how someone got from this post to my blog? LMAO


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