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I made a promise to myself that this year I would try to keep on top of my mailbox and post new music in a timelier manner. Well, you can see how that’s going. I really need to dedicate one post a week to whatever’s in my mailbox, that way it’s out there and fresh, rather than gathering dust like a souvenir from a Grand Canyon trip three years ago.

As usual, the mailbox dump yields a large variety of music. My pick of the litter is “Youth Against the Empire” from King of Conspiracy, a neo-punk band from London. They sound young, loud, and snotty.

Probably the most astray from my usual postings is the joint (as the kids call it) from XRabit and DMG$. I don’t know anything about these guys, but the song was interesting enough to post. See what you think.

Like always, follow the links for more info.

Mi Ami
Tropical / Punk
From: San Francisco Calif.
Band MySpace
New Guitar.mp3

King of Conspiracy
Rock / Progressive / Punk
From: London/Paris, UK
Band MySpace
Youth Against the Empire.mp3

Indie / Folk Rock / 2-step
From: Bucks County, Penn.
Band MySpace
Missing Piece.mp3

Hip Hop / Experimental / Pop
From: East London, UK; Dopeside, Texas
XRabit MySpace
DMG$ MySpace
Damaged Goods (Photomachine Dubplate Remix).mp3

Sweet Sweet Concorde
Indie / Pop
From: Sweden
Band MySpace
Carrot Cake.mp3

Rock / Blues / Pop
From: Joliet, Ill.
Band MySpace
Move On.mp3

The Submarines
Folk / Ghettotech / Shoegaze
From: Los Angeles, Calif.
Band MySpace
Waiting for a War (Benders cover).mp3

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At 11:48 AM , Blogger Matthew Edward Radowski said...

Nice man! Thanks for including Move On!


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