The Real McKenzies

All right friends and neighbors – I’m back home from Arizona. Nothing new to report from there except it is brutally hot and monsoon-y.

Looking through my mail, I found a new release from a band called the Real McKenzies. Scottish by way of Vancouver, Canada, The Real McKenzies are a punk band deeply rooted in their Scottish heritage with a sound best described as the Sex Pistols meet Scottish folk legend Robbie Burns. Off the Leash, released Aug. 5, is their fourth release for Fat Wreck Chords.

McKenzies front man Paul McKenzie started the band in 1994, and cites his family as a motivating factor. “As a lad, my parents and grandparents would dress me up in a kilt and make me sing and dance to traditional Scottish music,” he says. “Starting a Scottish punk band is my way of getting revenge.”

The Real McKenzies are proven warriors of the road, having toured North America six times and Europe (where they draw huge crowds) five times. They’ve toured and played shows with Rancid, Shane MacGowan, NOFX, Flogging Molly, The Bay City Rollers (yep, it’s true), The Briefs, and many more. Always touring, always drinking, and always rockin’, the haggis-fueled McKenzie clan is a hearty bunch that desires only to bring their brand of Celtic punk rock to every remote corner of the globe.

Check these guys out. If you’re a fan of the Dropkick Murphys, I think you’ll like the Real McKenzies.

The Lads Who Fought and Won.mp3

Go here to buy your very own copy of Off the Leash or any of the McKenzies’ earlier releases.


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