Upcoming: Miami Metal Festival

Regular readers will know that I take any opportunity to kvetch about the seeming lack of rock music coming from this far point of Florida. In contrast to most things I complain about, though, I’ve actually taken steps to see if maybe I’m wrong, or if maybe I might need more facts before coming to this conclusion.

Turns out there is a rock scene of sorts here; I just haven’t been looking hard enough or in the right places. I managed to get on a couple of emailing lists recently and suddenly my inbox is full of events and shows that I otherwise probably wouldn’t have known a thing about.

This weekend, in case you haven’t heard, is the annual occurrence of “4/20,” which may or may not mean anything to you. Locally, it means the 420 Miami Metal Festival is happening, albeit on 4/18, because that’s a Friday.

There are about 20 Miami-area and Florida-based metal bands scheduled to perform this Friday at Churchill’s Pub (55 NE 2nd Ave in Miami). When I say “metal,” I mean friggin’ metal: Grindcore, black metal, thrash metal, whatever you want to call it, if you’re at this show, I’m pretty sure your face will melt.

The Notorious Nastie, one of South Florida’s most recognized and respected music figures, will host the festival, as he has for the last five years. For more information, either about this show or about South Florida rock music in general, check out the Queen of the Scene. She is truly working to keep rock music alive in the Miami / South Florida area and welcomes feedback.

Tonight’s music comes from four of the bands scheduled to appear at the Miami Metal Fest. No bullshittin’ around – this is serious, hardcore metal. You won’t find hairspray, spandex, or pretty boys in this bunch.

Bottled Up.mp3 Dank Season
Undisputed.mp3 Chapters Unfold
Nascency Termination.mp3 Edge of Anger
For the Rest of the Fire.mp3 Shishcumba


Note: That is Edge of Anger, a Ft. Lauderdale-based band, in the above picture

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I just wanted to share my new blog with your readers. It’s called Mystic Chords Of Memory and I’m planning on posting a show or two every day. Hope you and your readers check it out.



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