I like when I get music from metal bands. I don’t remember exactly how New York rockers Urbansnake got hold of me, but I’m glad they did because their music is definitely worth hearing.

They describe themselves as alt-metal, and one critic called them a mix of Metallica, Black Sabbath, and Motorhead. What I hear is not only the classic metal influence, but also a nod toward the heavier, darker Alice In Chains songs.

Singer Vinny Corvino put together the band of his long-time friends and acquaintances about five years ago. He, along with bassist James Papa, guitarists Kevin Aponte and Andy Romeo, and drummer Hemi Bordowitz are all veterans of the New York metal scene. Corvino himself is the former front man for Holy Motorpunk, who received some play on New York radio station WNEW.

Urbansnake released a self-titled EP in 2004, getting them picked up by Clear Channel New, which featured the song “Rise” on more than 400 Clear Channel-owned radio station Web sites. Soon after that, they were interviewed on Mike Yusi's podcast, “UC Radio Pod Show,” and scored nearly 10,000 downloads. More recently, the song “Orphan,” from the new Whiteknuckle album, made it onto a compilation podcast that went out to American soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Yusi wrote of Whiteknuckle, "This album screams of classic metal bands before they all sold out and started drinking Miller Lite and eating sushi for breakfast."

Urbansnake is currently playing in and around the New York Tri-State area.

Crawl Into Your Bones.mp3

Urbansnake’s MySpace and Web Site.

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Always good to hear of new bands that rock!


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