Unlimited Nights and Weekends

I first heard of cholo the band (yes, with a lower case “c”) when I got on their mailing list and kept getting announcements for shows in New York. Which makes sense because they’re from that area, but I was saying, uh, guys? I’m in Florida....

Eventually, in addition to show info, they sent me a copy of their new disk, Unlimited Nights and Weekends. So now I know a little more about cholo and I know that if they ever make it to this area I need to go see them play.

Formed in the summer of 2003 in the NYC borough of Manhattan and currently residing in Brooklyn, cholo is vocalist/guitarist/saxophonist Felipe F., vocalist/guitarist Rosa B., bassist Gary G., and drummer Dave K.

Coming from disparate backgrounds (Felipe from Peru, Rosa from Guam, Gary from Ireland, and Dave from New Jersey), age (Rosa joining at 19), and musical taste, cholo describe themselves as “an assertive indie/experimental/garage rock sound with aggressive hooks, wayward male/female vocals, and unconventional use of saxophones that combine with a strong rock undercurrent.”

The term "cholo" is used in the Peruvian context, the band says, with a double meaning that is both derogatory, as in an indigenous Indian living in urban surroundings (i.e. redneck, bumpkin), as well as a half-joking term of endearment. But in essence, it is a term for the underdog, representing the negative classifications used to define people by class, race, color and/or religion.

NYC indie music ‘zine The Deli said of cholo, “You’ve got the dramatic vocals, guitar strumming that rides the line between 50’s guitar pop and some sort of light flamenco, occasional ooh-ooh-oohs, snaps and claps, surfy drums, and even face-melting guitars – all in just the right proportions”

Just Aks.mp3

Band MySpace space and Website.

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