Beauty Unknown Before

It seems like lately, at least half of the new bands I hear about come as a result of MySpace. Sometimes I find them by looking at the “friends” of a band I’m MySpace friends with and sometimes they find me.

Today’s music is a result of the latter. Midwestern band Sad Tropics contacted me via MySpace, making me aware of their existence. I checked out their music, liked what I heard, and got back in touch with them. They were agreeable to me helping out their cause by mentioning the band here and sent me a copy of their 2007 EP, Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt. It makes me feel a little bit like Jay-Z when I can help a band get more exposure (oh, I'm only kidding for goodness sake...).

Formed in the fall of 2006, Sad Tropics consists of Indiana rock scene veterans Josh Hensley (vocals, guitar), Andy Martin (bass, vocals), and Jeremiah Wade (drums, vocals). Martin and Wade have played together in various bands since high school. Hensley’s previous band, The Rutabaga, recorded for the Johann’s Face label in Chicago, earning distribution and licensing agreements with MTV for use on The Real World and Road Rules.

Sad Tropics describe their music as “indie rock pop,” with influences as diverse as Henry Rollins and the Kinks. They’ve been compared to The Flaming Lips and Modest Mouse, although I hear, intentional or not, a similarity to old Soul Asylum.

“This is total pop with a lemony twist of intelligence,” wrote Kurt Morris for Razorcake magazine. “The sound may be too unsoiled for most readers...but the hooks and catchiness of the choruses really shouldn't be lost on any fan of the poppier side of punk.”

Beauty Unknown Before.mp3
Dream or a Shadow.mp3

Sad Tropics on the MySpace.



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