I’ve been meaning for a while to post this song by AKACOD. About a week ago, I got an email telling me that Morphine’s saxophonist, Dana Colley, had formed a new band and was getting ready to release an album, Happiness. A link in the email directed me to AKACOD’s MySpace space so I could check out the title track.

Upon hitting the page though, the default song was something called “Spanish Fly.” Right away, I got caught up in the jazzy feel of the bass and sax. After an extended intro, bassist/vocalist Monique Ortiz comes in with “Empty out my mind on some porno back in ’89.” I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about, but dammit, I’m diggin’ this song.

I was only peripherally aware of Morphine, so it goes almost without saying I know even less about Colley’s new collaboration. You can find the in-depth version on AKACOD’s Web site, but here’s the MySpace version:
Ortiz met Colley in May of 1996 at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, when he was touring with Morphine. After a brief but fateful conversation with front man Mark Sandman, she decided to pack her bags and move to Morphine's home base of Cambridge, MA, in search of a better creative environment. Within a few months of moving to Cambridge she began performing solo, and within a year she formed Bourbon Princess. In 2003 Dana agreed to record, co-produce, and perform on the second Bourbon Princess LP Black Feather Wings.

Monique and Dana knew (drummer) Larry (Dersch) through the “Morphine circle” (he played on the Morphine LP Like Swimming), and last fall when they began writing and recording material together they invited him in to complete the line-up of what is Also Known As Colley, Ortiz, and Dersch.
AKACOD have various dates around the Northeast through the end of the year. Here are a few; check their site for others.

11/7- Plough & Stars, Cambridge, MA
11/9- Plough & Stars (FREE TIBET BENEFIT), Cambridge, MA
11/16- Club Helsinki, Great Barrington, MA
11/19- Monique Ortiz solo at T.T. The Bears, Cambridge, MA
12/1- Pearl St., Northampton, MA
12/6- Church, Boston, MA
12/7- Jerkys, Providence, RI

Spanish Fly.mp3

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