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I’m going to lay off the new stuff for a bit and go back a few years for Marilyn Manson’s Smells Like Children album.

Manson released his Trent Reznor co-produced sophomore effort in October 1995. He also found his first mainstream success with a cover of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

Smells Like Children was originally intended to be a remix EP, according to the album’s Wiki page. Ultimately, the project turned into a full-length release, with an eclectic combination of covers, remixes, and new material.

Like everything Marilyn Manson, Smells Like Children was not without controversy. The final version was somewhat different from the initial pressings. Quoting liberally from Wikipedia:
Early promotional copies of Smells Like Children featured unauthorized samples from “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” as well as other sound bites considered too extreme; the album was re-edited into the proper release. The removed songs were the original opening track, “Abuse part 1,” featuring Manson and Danzig / Pantera tour driver Tony Wiggins speaking to a masochistic girl, attempting to calm her down when things get really out of hand, and “Abuse part 2,” featuring an interview with a teenage girl who confesses to molesting her 6-year-old cousin.
In the interest of good taste, I’m not posting “Abuse Pt. 2.” I’m no prude, but the subject matter isn’t really fit for a family blog. If you feel like you need to hear it, drop me a note, along with the reason you think you need to hear it, and I’ll send you the link.

Continuing from the Wiki, info about the other tracks:

* “Everlasting Cocksucker” is the track containing the aforementioned sample from “Willy Wonka.” On another Willy Wonka note, the printing on the cover of Smells Like Children was designed to resemble the printing of the title to the 1971 film version of the novel.

*“I Put a Spell on You” is a relatively harmless cover of the 1956 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins song. I included it because I like it. The song was also featured on the soundtrack for the David Lynch film “Lost Highway.”

*“My Monkey” is a demo of a song originally on Marilyn Manson’s debut, Portrait of an American Family. The track borrows lyrics from a Charles Manson song called “Mechanical Man”; the lyrics of “My Monkey” are credited simply to “Manson.”

Abuse Pt. 1.mp3
Everlasting Cocksucker.mp3
I Put a Spell on You (Screamin’ Jay Hawkins cover).mp3
My Monkey (demo).mp3

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At 2:15 PM , Blogger M!ke said...

It's occurred to me that aside from the the "Sweet Dreams" cover, I've not heard any material off this release. While I prefer his trilogy of Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, and Holy Wood I think I might have to pick this up.

Maybe it'll make up for how bland his most recent album was.

At 7:53 AM , Blogger Taylor said...

Hey, I'm a very avid fan of Marilyn Manson. I would appreciate it if you could send me "Abuse part 2" because I haven't heard it and I'm very interested. Reason being, I'm in a very analytical stage of my life at the moment, and being able to hear, and understand these things really have a positive influence on me. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying, but I'd really appreciate hearing it. Thanks.
My email is Tdanreynolds@gmail.com

At 2:53 PM , Blogger Rodney said...

Hey, I'm in Tyler's predicament too. If you have the rest of that pre-released album, the one with all of the Willy Wonka stuff on it, I think that it'd be cool to post it, I can't find that stuff anywhere and am very interested in what the album was intended to sound like. I want to try and complete my Marilyn Manson collection. Anything you can give me would be great!

My email is thecolorofdye@yahoo.com


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