Your Lips... My Ass!

About a month ago, if you’ll recall, I posted up some BugGiRL, a hard-rockin’ duet from Australia. I mentioned they’re on tour in Europe, but what I didn’t mention is that they are on tour with Los Angeles rock legend, Texas Terri Laird.

“L.A.’s female Iggy Pop, Terri is hard-core, leaving nothing to the imagination but a cigarette burn right through your heart,” wrote Pulse magazine.

Texas Terri hails from Austin, Tex., but relocated to Hollywood, Calif., in 1984. There, after fronting a series of bands, she hooked up with guitarist Roger Flores when he saw her perform with a band called The Central. “So Roger came to the show and he saw me and thought I was a great front-person,” Terri said in a mid-2001 interview. “So I got him to play me some songs he wrote and thought they were really cool, so I was just like, ‘Fuck it, why don't we just do a band together?’”

Terri and Flores joined up with a guy named TD in a band called the Crow Killers. The band was together for about three years, gaining local popularity. When they split up, Terri said it was a long time before she joined another band. “It took me three years after we broke up for me to forget what a pain in the ass (it is) to be in a band,” she said. “And I would do, we would actually get together, like every year on April 6” (Terri’s birthday).

The Crow Killers continued to play sporadically, but eventually Terri was again ready for a fulltime band commitment. Faced with several bookings and no band, Terri cut out to Austin for a couple of days to mull over her options. When she returned, she gathered Paul Black, Dicky Rael, and Demon Boy, christening her new band Texas Terri’s Baby Bird. Due to confusion with another Baby Bird, they soon became Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones.

These days, she’s calling her band Texas Terri Bomb! This incarnation released their debut disk, Your Lips... My Ass! in 2004. Jack Douglas (of Aerosmith and Alice Cooper fame) produced the album, which includes some high profile guests, such as Cherie Currie and Wayne Kramer. Your Lips... My Ass! saw mixed reviews, but there’s no denying its energy and punk attitude. “If you're a die-hard punk fan from the age before kiddies considered Blink182, you'll probably get a great deal of pleasure from this CD," writes Aversion.com.

If you’re in northern Europe, you can catch TxT on tour. Check her MySpace space for dates and other information.

Oh Yeah!.mp3
I Got a Right (Stooges cover).mp3

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At 2:44 PM , Blogger Nazz Nomad said...

there should be a rule that all female singers should have their breasts adorned only with electric tape

At 7:46 PM , Blogger aikin said...


I can't say that I disagree. Hey, that gives me an idea for a post....

At 1:27 AM , Blogger BlockHeAD said...

Great post, equally great with the BugGiRL post also.

For a little additional info, Texas Terri came to see BugGiRL play in Berlin, where she now resides, and was blown away. She added BugGiRL drummer, Mallets Of Mayhem, to her lineup.
That European tour of Texas Terri and BugGiRL features Mallets on stage for over 2 hours of sweaty rock n roll ... nice one!


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