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I don’t know much about these bands other than I like the music and you should too. And since I don’t know a lot about these bands, I’m going to carefully cut and paste from their respective Web sites, then provide you linkage in case you want to learn more.
Lazy? Maybe. But I think you'll appreciate me for this!

Destroy Cowboy
1000 Candles.mp3
In 1738 when Lewis Paul and John Wyatt patented the famous Roller Spinning machine, they began a long historical lineage of industrial and scientific innovation in Birmingham.
In 2007, following in the footsteps of their industrial forefathers, five Birmingham men have developed and perfected a musical formula so utterly unique and innovative as to restore hope in the city’s faded glory.
Destroy Cowboy have been assembling klaxons and magnetic sound machines that pulse and vibrate, harnessing the power of the elements and the spirit of the crowd to explosive effect.
Successful live tests have seen these brave men exhibiting alongside such leading names of music, science and industry as Cold War Kids, Tapes ‘n Tapes, Humanzi, 2ManyDjs, 1990s, The Stills and Tokyo Police Club.
The scientific community and the people of Birmingham now wait expectantly for news of Destroy Cowboy’s next move....

The Drones
The Cockeyed Lowlife of the Highlands.mp3
“The Drones are seemingly raised from the dead; zombies from Australia, with their rock n’ roll set to stun and then EXPLODE. The Drones rock. You need this.” Album of the week - Poptones (UK).
“Pick of the week is this raw, pining monster from Australia, lost in the spine tingling garage haze of Bevis Frond's psychedelia, Iggy Pop's tour de force, and Nick Cave's dark and dangerous blues.” Positively YYY (USA)
“There's (enough) menace, desperation, and rage in these nine tracks to cover the whole of the Australian outback with a thick blanket of dirty guitar riffs. The first track is so good I must have listened to it like 15 times.” Vice Magazine (UK)

Russian Circles
If one wanted to be lazy, they could simply describe Russian Circles as an instrumental act in the vein of Pelican and all those other post-rock/metal hybrids. But this would be doing a huge disservice to Russian Circles. Yes, the band certainly draws from the likes of post-rock/metal trailblazers Isis and Neurosis, but there is also a significant draw of math-rock from the likes of Don Caballero, Drive Like Jehu, and Frodus, not to mention the occasional nod to math-core pioneers Botch. Combine all these influences together and you get the brilliance that is the forty-four minutes that comprise Enter.

RX Bandits
In Her Drawer.mp3
RX Bandits thrive on playing live and have become well known for putting on both physically and musically explosive shows...RX Bandits have become more than just a band, they have started their own musical community of sorts; a matrix of music and art with all of its members participating in various side projects including: The Sound of Animals Fighting, Apotheke, Love Me Moon, Technology, and many others. Stemming from this “community” came the record label Mash Down Babylon (MDB) Records, which will release the RX Bandits new album ...And the Battle Begun.

Your 33 Black Angels
Y33BA was born in Brooklyn, but dreamed in a West Harlem flophouse. There was a bottle of Wild Turkey, grown men in boxers, and far too much bachata music going around. We were not fond of “shoegazer” sensibilities or requisite visits to tattoo parlors; we wanted to sing about the basics: cold merciless women, irresponsible philosophy and violence. We all [unprintable under advice of legal counsel] and insanity and made it our torch: Benji with his ‘stache and rolled tobacco, John with his dominant chin and [unprintable], Josh with his guile, mind control and[unprintable], and Tim with myriad indulgences and Epicurean essence. They took on the monikers from today's hip slang, and the Earth was made anew...The M-Diddy, J-O-C, BJ KastIron, and W, the undertaker.

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