Halloween Binge and Purge, pt. 1

Fall is figuratively in the air here at Apt. 104. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is on the television, and Tropical Storm Noel is creating on-again-off-again sideways rain showers outside.

Of course all of this means there are only 50-something shopping days until Christmas. It also means tomorrow is Halloween. So, in honor of what started as a Pagan festival called Samhain, I’ve got a couple of live shows I want to post. (There’s gotta be some relation between Halloween celebrations and rock and roll.)

First up, for Halloween Eve: Nirvana’s Oct. 31, 1991, show at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Wash. Michael Azerrad, in his book “Come as You Are: The Story of Nirvana,” called this homecoming show “legendary.” It took place two days after Nevermind went gold and two days before the album would enter the Top 40. DGC Records filmed this performance for an as-yet-unreleased film, although parts of it can be seen in the “Lithium” video. Mudhoney and Bikini Kill were the opening acts.

There’s a decent sound quality to this recording; much better than a lot of Nirvana boots I’ve heard. “The early ‘Rape Me’ and ‘Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam’ [sic] are nice,” writes one reviewer, “but the power and clarity of the show are the real highlights.”

Since there are 19 tracks, rather than posting them all individually (which is a hassle, I admit!!) I’m going to post the track list with a handful of individual songs, then give you a RapidShare link if you want the whole show.

Jesus Doesn’t Want Me for a Sunbeam.mp3
Drain You
Floyd the Barber.mp3
Smells Like Teen Spirit
About a Girl
Love Buzz
Been a Son
Negative Creep.mp3
On a Plain
Rape Me
Territorial Pissings
Endless Nameless.mp3

This is the correct song order – sorry if the songs don’t unzip this way!

Unzip It

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