“You don’t listen, do you, asshole?”

If my mind could focus, I might have been a genius.

Last night I’m watching “Dirty Harry.” At one point the police think the serial killer, Scorpio, is going to shoot a priest, so they stake out the Sts. Peter and Paul Church. Seeing that church reminded me of the first time I visited San Francisco. I took one of those semi-guided tours, which passed by that very same church. I don’t remember if the guide mentioned “Dirty Harry,” but I thought I remembered him telling us that was the church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married.

This was puzzling me while I was watching the movie, but I managed to control myself until it was over. Then, going to the Google, I learned Monroe and DiMaggio were not actually married at Sts. Peter and Paul. So either my memory is bad or the tour guide was a liar. Here’s what Wiki has to say about The Yankee Clipper’s marriage:

After their civil ceremony in 1954, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio returned for photographs on the steps of this church. DiMaggio was married to Dorothy Arnold in the church on Nov. 19, 1939, but later civilly divorced. Still married as far as the Church was concerned (having not obtained an annulment), he could not be married in the Catholic Church. In a side entrance, Sts. Peter and Paul Church still showcases a photo in a book displaying proudly DiMaggio's marriage day photo – but with Arnold, not Monroe.
Satisfied with that, I skipped over to the Wiki entry for Dirty Harry, where something else caught my eye: A Pretenders’ song, “Bad Boys Get Spanked,” uses a sound bite from the movie. Well, I’ll be. I didn’t know that. I dug the song out, and sure enough, at about the 1:48 mark, you hear brief sounds of a scuffle, then you faintly hear Harry Callahan say, “You don’t listen, do you, asshole?” just before Chrissie Hynde sings the same line.

My lack of focus brings us to tonight’s post, from Pretenders II. This was The Pretenders’ second full album, and the last with the band’s original line-up. It was originally released in August 1981, then remastered and re-released last year, along with a bonus disk of demos and live recordings.

Bad Boys Get Spanked.mp3
The Wait (demo).mp3
Tequila (demo).mp3
Mystery Achievement (live).mp3

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At 3:27 PM , Blogger Casey said...

All right. Now that was a tidbit of trivia I never heard of. And I've listened to the Pretenders II CD tons of times. Never noticed.
That "Dirty Harry" has always been a favorite flick makes it all the more sweet.
Pretty architecture of the church too. One day...San Francisco...One day.


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