Do the Living Deadbeat

When you think of a band called the Living Deadbeats, you might expect howling psychobilly. What you get, though, is distorted guitars and cranked up garage rock.

Pete Fiend, the Living Deadbeats drummer, dropped me a note a while ago, inviting me to check out their music. I liked it a lot and told him so, and he was kind enough to send me a copy of the band’s self-titled EP. The four-track disk simply oozes classic influence: a sort of violent collision between Detroit and late 70’s era L.A. punk. Singer Lindsay Kasting has a little of that Exene Cervenka thing going on; the rest of the band picks up somewhere between the Stooges and the Detroit Cobras. These comparisons are especially apt when you listen to the live tracks posted on the band’s MySpace page.

There’s scant biographical info on the Living Deadbeats. And other than a show tonight at Chateau Noir in Vancouver, I can’t give you any other dates. All I can suggest is that you check out their music and keep your ears open for much more from this band.

The Living Deadbeats (theme).mp3

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The Living Deadbeats heart Licorice Pizza!


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