Just Say 4/20 - the repost

This is a repost from 4/20 a couple of years ago. My thinking goes along the following lines:
- I always kinda liked this post;
- I can't be arsed to dig up five or six more songs about weed;
- If you're really celebrating 4/20, you probably don't remember I've posted this before.
Also note that Nirvana's "Marijuana" is likewise known by the name "Moist Vagina."


I’ve been more or less responsible all day, so it’s time to go ahead and roll out (roll up?) some music and celebrate 4/20.

I know a couple of people who are actually taking the day off of work tomorrow and plan on celebrating the day as if it’s some sort of religious holiday. I’m not that dedicated.

In case you don’t know what 4/20 is (and if I know, there’s no reason you shouldn’t know!), High Times magazine can help expand your mind: “420 is not so much a time or place as it is a state of mind. The original story of 420 begins with five fellow students – all of whom assumed the nom de pot ‘Waldo’ – who met after school at the appointed hour to smoke some of California’s finest, and occasionally searched for a hidden pot field they’d heard about in the hills outside town.” Click here for the very informative “History of 4/20” timeline.

For today’s post, I’ve gathered a variety of appropriately themed music; I’m sure there are some classics I’ve, ahem, forgotten. Be safe and know that I am not endorsing any sort of illegal activity.

Smoke Two Joints.mp3 ~ Sublime
Sweet Leaf (live).mp3 ~ Ozzy
30 Days in the Hole.mp3 ~ Humble Pie
Sweet Leaf.mp3 ~ Black Sabbath
Hits from the Bong.mp3 ~ Cypress Hill
Let’s Get High.mp3 ~ Dr. Dre
Marijuana.mp3 ~ Nirvana

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