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A week has slid by without a substantial post. Like I just disappeared off the face of the earth. Truth to tell I got busy with other stuff, as happens to the best of us, and things here kind of inadvertently got shifted to the back burner. And now I’m back with a post that doesn’t even involve anything new.

Over near the right side of this page you may or may not have noticed the blogroll. I used to note whenever I updated it, but the last few additions have been singular and were mainly link exchanges with someone. I try to make sure most of the links are active, but otherwise it just sits there as testimony to some of the other blogs I like.

However, I’m adding a blog today that I thought I should bring to your attention because I’m assuming that if you’re a regular reader here, you and I share similar tastes in music. A couple of weeks ago, when I first found the Detailed Twang blog, I spent at least an hour reading the posts and listening to the music Jay had posted there. I don’t know the last time I spent an hour on any site, but the selection of music and the generally conversational style of writing just kept me browsing the archives. The only reason I pulled away was for dinner.

The music is a lot of obscure garage rock – bands like The Twilighters, The Bristols, and The Zip Code Rapists. There are also some things like Cramps demos and some old DMZ vinyl. If I recall correctly, Jay had some connection with the Bay Area music industry at some point in his life so he has that background to draw upon.

I’m posting (re-posting?) a couple of the things I found over at Detailed Twang, and then I most whole-heartedly encourage you to click over there and browse.

Can’t You Do Anything Right.mp3 ~ Lazy Cowgirls
High School.mp3 L.A. Drugs

(As irony would have it, Jay is taking the first week of August off, but don’t let that discourage you from checking out his old posts.)

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