Regular viewers will know that, despite my seeming random approach to posting, I have an affinity for garage rock. These bands are the last line in the sand for DIY music. Certainly they’re not always original, but they mean well. These are the guys and girls who pick up a guitar and plug it into a beat-up Fender amp and play because they love rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe they’ll get a girl (or a guy) and maybe they’ll get famous, or maybe someone will buy them a pint after their set. It doesn’t matter because it’s about the music.

The bands in tonight’s post come from a compilation called Trash on Demand, Vol. III. The 20 bands represented on this disk can all trace their lineage at least as far back as the New York Dolls, if not even further (Jerry Lee Lewis anyone?).

Punk legend Jeff Dahl helped assemble this collection, which was released in 1999 on the now-defunct Amsterdamned label. It was tough trying to pick just a couple of tracks to share, but after several listenings, I decided on songs by Philadelphia’s The 440’s; Berlin rockers the Cuban Rebel Girls; and Joe Alcohol and the Hong Kong Knife.

No one here ever made it huge, but every one of them proudly carry that punk / garage / glam / trash banner just as proudly as if they were the Dolls. Essential listening.

Dead Eyes.mp3 ~ Cuban Rebel Girls
Let’s Go.mp3 ~ The 440’s
The Passenger (Iggy Pop cover).mp3 ~ Joe Alcohol and the Hong Kong Knife

Note: Pictured is the 440's

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