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About a year ago I posted the praises of a site called Mohawk Radio, which is sort of a “MySpace alternative alternative.” To summarize my previous post, the majority of the bands with pages there are un- or independently-signed. And, unlike MySpace, where you can only stream music, most of the bands on Mohawk Radio have download links for their music. That makes it a great source for finding new music.

Today’s music is a couple of bands I recently happened across on Mohawk Radio. Neither has much bio info, either on their Mohawk pages or their MySpace pages, but I’ll tell you what I can, then let the music do the talking for the rest.

Some Skank is “fast, loud, booze-inspired, girl punk from Paducah, Ky.” Honestly, tell me the last time you heard of anything from Paducah, Ky., let alone a punk band. Their influences run the gamut from the Ramones to Minor Threat, and if you’re lucky enough to live in the Midwest, you can see Some Skank play live.

The Fisters’ bio is even more vague than Some Skanks’. They come from Tucson, Ariz., a fact they seem unhappy about, based on the song “Hell, Arizona.” They’re influenced by “noise, liquor, horror movies about giant insects eating people, drugs, Iggy, and anyone who loves Iggy.” You can’t really go wrong there. The Fisters are currently playing in and around the Tucson area.

Both of these bands are everything that is still fun about music. They’re not fat, overproduced rocks stars and they’re certainly not shiny new American Idols. They’re playing rock ‘n’ roll for the joy of it. Check ‘em out and – definitely – if you have a chance to see them live, do so.

I’m Poor More Booze.mp3 ~ Some Skank
Hell, Arizona.mp3 ~ The Fisters

Note: The links above will take you to each band’s respective Mohawk Radio page. From there you can link to any other resources the band has, or to the main Mohawk page if you still need to sign up. Once you’re signed up, hit me up and be sure to let me know how you found me. Thanks!



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