Iggy live in Paris

All right, I’m back. I had some non-Internet things going on and I also had to renew my host. Dreamhost is a great host and has always provided me great service, but it does cost a little bit to use. And I hate to come at you with my hand out asking for donations, especially since I don’t think I’ve ever helped out anyone else. But we’re all good again.

It’s been nearly a month since I posted any Iggy, so I thought it might be an appropriate time to share this live recording that’s making its way around the Internets. It comes from a May 28 French radio broadcast of a performance at Studio 105 of the Maison de la Radio in Paris.

Iggy throws in a couple of classics here, i.e. “The Passenger,” and the opening “Five Foot One,” but the show leans heavily on material from Préliminaires, since it took place just a couple of days after the disk’s release. The sound, coming from a radio broadcast, is up there with the best I’ve heard from a live Iggy recording – better even than some official releases. The only annoyance here is the DJ translating Iggy’s between song raps into French.

Five Foot One.mp3
Les Feuilles Mortes.mp3
I Want to Go to the Beach.mp3
King of the Dogs.mp3
Spanish Coast.mp3
I Put a Spell on You.mp3
How Insensitive.mp3
Nice to be Dead.mp3
The Passenger .mp3
Willow Weep for Me.mp3
Sweet Sixteen.mp3
A Machine for Loving.mp3

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