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Some pretty tasty things in this go ‘round of the Licorice Pizza mailbox purge. There’s a cover of an old Sweet song and the first single from a garage band super group.

I’ll get right to my pick of the month, which is “Bow Down and Die,” from The Almighty Defenders, the aforementioned supergroup. It’s a funny thing because when I first read the email, I thought these guys had potential to suck. Wrong I was. Their debut album isn’t due until September, but this preview of the collab between the Black Lips, King Kahn, and Mark Sultan, is some wonderfully grungy gospel.

Somewhat in the same vein is the Generationals, whose “When They Fight They Fight,” reminds me much of the old girl groups. I’m hearing a lot of groups tending back toward the old-school sound, which pleases me. I’m more than sick of the over-hyped electronica. Just pick up a guitar and play. There are a few of those types here today, such as Dala and Cory Chisel.

One other band that needs some special mention is The Lonely H. They’re bringing a sound that would not at all be out of place on a 1970's FM radio dial. And I mean that in a good way. Check ‘em out. There are also a couple bands here that I may have posted before, but as long as they’re sending me decent music, I’m going to share it.

As always, follow the links for more information.

From: New Orleans, La.
Band MySpace
When They Fight, They Fight.mp3

Happy Hardcore / German pop / Soul
From: San Francisco, Calif.
Band MySpace
Set Me Free (Sweet cover).mp3

Floating Action

From: Black Mountain, U.S.
Band MySpace
50 Lashes.mp3

The Almighty Defenders
Garage / Rock
From: Beverly Hills, Calif.
Band MySpace
Bow Down and Die.mp3

The Lonely H

Classic Rock / Americana / Indie
From: Port Angeles, Wash.
Band MySpace
Diggin’ a Hole.mp3

Will Dailey
Rock / Acoustic / Roots Music
From: Boston, Mass.
Band MySpace
Colour of Spring (Talk Talk cover).mp3

Acoustic / Indie
From: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Band MySpace
Anywhere Under the Moon.mp3

Emmy the Great

Chinese traditional
From: U.K.
Band MySpace
She Almost Had a Baby (Simon Raymonde mix).mp3

Charlie Morris
Blues / Acoustic / Americana
From: St. Petersburg, Fla.
Band MySpace
Stagger Home to My Baby .mp3

Garage / Rock
From: Vancouver, Canada
Band MySpace
Young Hearts Spark Fire.mp3

Radical Sons

Indie / Rock
From: St. Louis, Mo.
Band MySpace
All Signs Show.mp3

Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons

Americana / Folk / Neo-Soul
From: Appleton, USA
Band MySpace
Born Again.mp3

(Pictures, top-to-bottom: Generationals, The Almighty Defenders, Dala, and Japandroids)

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