'High Society Meets High Sobriety'

OK, so I’m over the hurt feelings of having my posts randomly deleted. Actually, it’s happened before, but it was a couple of posts that were more than a year old and I’d already unlinked the songs. It just makes me mad that Blogger does that. Eventually, maybe I’ll stop posting music and just write about the things that piss me off.

I’ma try again with some music from a Seattle band that doesn’t fit the Seattle “stereotype.” By that, I mean the grunge / indie thing. The Naked Saints are really hard to classify. For the sake of their MySpace page, they refer to themselves as “indie / punk / roots music.” I suppose you could loosely classify the band within one of those genres, but the music veers back and forth from post-punk to bordering on industrial. Then you’ve got those mandolins that appear out of nowhere.

The band's singer, Tom Sin, was also the front man for Moral Suckling, who broke up in 1992. Between then and 2008, when he formed the Naked Saints, Sin traveled and lived in Thailand for a number of years, doing what he referred to as “focusing on immediate musical experiences.”

The other Naked Saints are Zed, who plays bass and is a devotee of early ska and punk; Eric T. is on guitar and mandolin and likes traditional Irish jigs; and Damian Voltaire plays drums. The Naked Saints refer to their music as a combination of each member’s favorite styles and influences, ranging from the swagger and ruckus of The Pogues to the twang of Link Wray. But they also leave it up to the listener to decide.

High Society Meets High Sobriety.mp3

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At 1:58 PM , Blogger slila said...


Just wanted to chime in on The Naked Saints. After listening to the track and wondering just what the heck that was, I jumped over and took a look at the band's MySpace... which looks pretty cool BTW... and I have to say that I was fairly blown away by this band.

What struck me most was that they have succeeded at coming up with a sound that I certainly haven't heard before.
Of course there are in fact flourishes of folks such as The Only Ones, The Undertones, The Clash, and even more interestingly sounds that echoe Bauhaus or the very first Psychedelic Furs recordings. What seems like an uneven stew is turned into something that's difficult to describe yet visceral and almost new.

Makes me wonder what else is going on in that sleepy rain town... because this outfit seems to be quite intent on making a name for themselves. Thanks for the tip. Fantastic band.

SoCal Ray


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