'Your Kids Will Love It or We'll Eat a Bug'

Tonight’s musical selection is strictly for those who like a little horror theatre with their rock ‘n’ roll.

From Pensacola, Fla., comes Demon God 7, a four-piece, self-described “touring Halloween carnival.” Thematically, DG7 may remind some of White Zombie, particularly with such song titles as “Zombies” and “Rape Me With a Kiss.” Musically, however, I really have to say these guys have a sort of unique sound. They claim influences from Motley Crue to Johnny Cash (!), but bandleader / vocalist Dr. Robert has an almost crooning vocal style, which is overlaid with distortion. If there is anyway I can say “rockabilly metal” and have that make sense, that might describe Dr. Robert and Demon God 7.

“We've been described as ‘pop-y swamp punk,’” Dr. Robert said in a September 2008 interview with Famecast.com. “But as far as comparing ourselves to anyone, I think we're pretty original. I don't necessarily think we're better than everyone else, but we're definitely different.”

Dr. Robert said what DG7’s audiences witness is something completely different from any other live performance. “We are like a fun house,” he said. “Funny but a little scary. Our shows are designed as over-the-top horror comedy themes with magic and props.”

I wish I could tell you a little more about DG7 – maybe where they’re playing or what they’re up to. The “news” link on the band Website has a clock counting down to the next scheduled apocalypse (Dec. 21, 2012) and their MySpace has even fewer clues. What you can do, however, is check out these songs, then click over to the Demon God 7 Webpage. There, after you look at the apocalypse countdown clock, you can download some more of their music.

She’ll Ride.mp3

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