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Wow. Even though day-to-day the week seems to drag by, as a whole it has flown by. The blogosphere relevance being that I haven’t posted since last weekend. I even have some new stuff waiting to post. Just seems like the days have slipped away from me.


I got a note last week from Dan Perlman, guitar player for a Boston band called The Big Heavy. Dan sent me a copy of the band’s new EP, Bombs Away, and asked if I were interested in checking it out.

I’m always up for hearing new rock bands and The Big Heavy do their Boston heritage proud. Their music straddles that line between classic rock and alternative rock. I guess you could say these guys play old-fashioned, no frills rock ‘n’ roll, all the while bringing a solid modern sound.

The Big Heavy has been around the Boston area for a few years, becoming local favorites by working the clubs relentlessly. They got voted one of the top ten bands in the New England area after taking first place in the semi-finals of the national Bodog Battle of the Band competition. They’ve also had the honor of having one of their songs, “Red Sky,” featured in the 2007 cheerleader flick, “Bring It On: In It To Win It.” Like the band says, “TBH + half naked cheerleaders = buy it today!”

Seriously, The Big Heavy is a solid rock ‘n’ roll band. The four tracks on Bombs Away nicely showcase the band’s range, from the driving beat of the title track to the not-quite-a-power-ballad “Body Shines.”

Bombs Away.mp3
track deleted - go here to buy...

For more information, or to buy Bombs Away, click over to The Big Heavy’s MySpace.

*credit where credit is due dept: This Boston homage comes from a line in the email Dan Perlamn sent me.

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