Some Grubby Things from Germany

Looking around Mohawk Radio the other day, I found Berlin punk band Grubby Things. Not a whole lot of bio info is available, but basically, this quartet has been together almost a decade. They’ve been kicking around the German and European circuit for a while, doing shows with such luminaries as Radio Birdman, the Murder Junkies, and the Rubber City Rebels. Over the years Grubby Things have put out a handful of EPs and split seven-inchers. In 2003, they released their debut full-length, Step Out.

After a few personnel changes (the current line-up is Elvan Decay, vocals; Bruno, guitar; Tom, bass; and Tommie, drums and vocals) Grubby Things seem to have settled in and have just released their self-titled second album.

It would be easy to compare Grubby Things to the Distillers because Elvan Decay has that raspy, Brody Dalle-type voice. The band also plays a similar hard rock / punk rock type music. To really get a sense of Elvan’s voice, though, think what Brody would sound like if she constantly smoked unfiltered Camels and drank rotgut whiskey. Yeah, Elvan has got a bit of a rough voice, perfect for the rough music the band brings. And I mean that in a good way.

Cold Heart.mp3

For more information, and to get Grubby Things, check out the band’s MySpace.

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