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Tons of stuff in this early month mailbox purge. Even as I compile this, more music is flooding the LICORICE PIZZA inbox, so with luck and proper organizational skills, I may actually get out another mailbox post this month. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

You’re going to see a couple more than usual electro-dance sorta things. Everybody wants to be the next Lady Gaga. I usually just delete these and move on unless I think the song is catchy or somewhat interesting, or if I just happen to be in a good mood. Two of the more interesting are the tracks by Ze! and Emma. Ze’s in particular has an 80’s synth vibe to it.

On the rock side of the street is where you’re going to find my pick of the litter, which goes this time to The Perms for their solid indie rock – not a ZZ Top cover – track, “Give Me All Your Lovin’.” I’m also liking the county-tinged tracks by Leslie and the Badgers and the interestingly named Donny Hue and The Colors.

As always, follow the links for more information.

The Perms
Powerpop / Indie / Rock
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Band MySpace
Give Me All Your Lovin’.mp3

Ancient Astronauts
Down-tempo / Funk / Hip Hop
Cologne, Germany
Band MySpace

Electro / Pop / Disco House
Kuala Lumpur / Brussels / London, UK
Band MySpace
I Am Glam.mp3

Leslie and the Badgers
Indie / Folk Rock / Country
Pompadourous Angeles, Calif.
Band MySpace
Los Angeles.mp3

Jessie Murphy In The Woods
Indie / Lyrical / Glam
New York, N.Y.
Band MySpace
In the Woods.mp3

Rap / Electro / Club
Essen // Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Band MySpace
Couch Potato.mp3

Donny Hue and the Colors
Other / Experimental / Country
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
I speak of the Hayseed Cousins.mp3

Jeannine Hebb
Pop / R&B / Rock
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
Things Haven’t Been So Bad Lately.mp3

The Plastic Revolution
Pop / Rock / Electronica
San Diego, Los Angeles, Calif., & New York, N.Y.
Band MySpace

Electro / Punk
Los Angeles, Calif.
Band MySpace

new numbers
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band MySpace
Whatever I Want.mp3

pictures, top-to-bottom: Ancient Astronauts, Emma, TPF

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At 4:39 AM , Blogger Jake said...

Hey Licorice Pizza!

This is Jake from The Plastic Revolution stopping by to say thanks so much for the support :)

Your site rocks and I love that u are supporting great tunes.

We are honored to be included in the music from my mailbox!


-Jake (Commandant, TPR)


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