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Hey – this is my second mailbox dump this month, not including the things I’ve posted individually. You can’t say I’m not right on top of things!

Alongside the something-for-every-taste-bud tracks, there are a few goodies here: Telling on Trixie and Ash are both solid “indie” bands; the songs here are catchy and stuck in my head even after the first listen.

The Rest is soothingly creepy. They kind of remind me of a lo-fi Jesus and Mary Chain. My pick of the litter is Radical Sons, out of St. Louis. They sound a little like the Strokes’ first album and I like the subject matter of this track (“I’m feeling nostalgic for things I’ve never known).

In any case, there is plenty of variety – give this stuff a listen and, as always, follow the links for more info.

Cas One
Hip Hop / Soul / Rap
From: Evansville, Ind.
Band MySpace
Masked Moniker.mp3

Radical Sons
Indie / Rock
From: St. Louis, Mo.
Band MySpace
I’m So Sick of The 21st Century.mp3

Indie / Electronic
From: London and the Southeast United Kingdom
Band MySpace

Will Dailey

Rock / Acoustic / Roots Music
From: Boston, Mass.
Band MySpace
How Can I Make You Happy.mp3

The Rest
Pop / Soul / Tropical
From: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Band MySpace
Drinking Again.mp3

Solid Gold
Tropical / Black Metal / Chinese pop
From: Minneapolis, Minn.
Band MySpace
Bible Thumper.mp3

Indie / Rock / Alternative
From: Downpatrick, Ireland
Band MySpace
Return of White Rabbit.mp3

Lori Lieberman
Folk / Indie
From: Santa Monica, Calif.
Band MySpace
New York Mining Disaster (Bee Gees cover).mp3

All Smiles
Minimalist / Other / Rock
From: Portland, Ore.
Band MySpace
The Ones I Want to Live.mp3

Telling on Trixie
From: New York, N.Y.
Band MySpace
Crash Me Up.mp3
(pictures, top-to-bottom: Radical Son, The Rest, Lori Lieberman)

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