The Truth About the 'Legendary Motor-Rockers'

The other day I mentioned in passing the “legendary motor-rockers” Peter Pan Speedrock. I’ve got to admit I was sort of making things up as I went along: I’d never heard of those guys. I was just taking for granted that since BugGiRL had brought them all the way to Australia from The Netherlands, PPSR must know their way around some rock ‘n’ roll.

But while I was doing that BugGiRL post, I was also doin' me a little research on Peter Pan Speedrock. As it turns out, these guys are somewhat legendary, just not so much here in the U.S.

PPSR hail from Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. Guitarist Peter van Elderen, drummer Bart Nederhand, and bass player Bob Muileboom formed the band in 1996. Muileboom left after the first album, to be replaced in 1997 by Bart Geevers. Peter, Bart, and Bartman still make up PPSR.

Over the last decade, PPSR have released only seven albums and a handful of singles and split disks. Their most recent full album was 2007’s Pursuit Until Capture. I found a Dutch review of the album, which roughly translated, says, “The complete album is vigorous and up-tempo and ensures a common festive poll.”

Seriously, though, if you’re a fan of heavy rock, you need to be a fan of Peter Pan Speedrock. This is a serious, gritty, blues-based hard rock ‘n’ roll that is equal parts Motorhead and Nashville Pussy. Tonight’s music is a couple of songs from various PPSR albums and one from a Johnny Cash tribute album called An International Underground Tribute To The Man In Black. All three are very indicative of what you can expect to hear from this band.

Go Satan Go.mp3
Sailor Man.mp3
Ghost Riders in the Sky.mp3

Most of Peter Pan Speedrock’s albums and some of the compilations they’ve contributed to are available on eMusic. You can (and should) also go to their MySpace for more information.

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At 5:14 AM , Blogger Kimberly said...

Wake up music! Thanks for the intro, I wasn't very familiar with them myself, but will fix that right now.


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