You got any Leftover Crack?

I posted a few months ago about the doings of one Ezra Kire and the many punk fires he has an iron in.

One of the bands I mentioned was Leftover Crack. I had meant to get back around to posting some of their music and, for whatever reason, that didn’t happen. Until now.

By way of a little background – and a warning if this sort of thing offends you – Leftover Crack is, uh, sort of controversial. They have been banned from several New York venues; they have trouble touring foreign countries because of the members’ criminal records; and the NYPD arrested front man Stza last September after he threw a box of donuts at them. He told New York’s Village Voice he was “pissed off that the cops wouldn't let the band play their music at a reasonable volume.”

“I admit my behavior was juvenile,” Szra told the paper, “But the issue is a real free speech issue. We've been harassed by the cops for a long time.”

Leftover Crack says they write music that is anti-bigotry, anti-religion, anti-police, and anti-government. In an interview last year (before the donut incident), Stza was asked about the songs, how they seem to be a “call to arms.”

“It is poetry,” he said. “It is art. It is free speech. It’s not a textbook. It’s not a law. It’s not a decree. I’m not here espousing lyrics that I expect people to take completely seriously. I don’t expect people to go out and kill cops.”

And, if you’re curious, Stza explained the band’s name as an oxymoron: It’s based on the idea that crack cocaine addicts are known for vigorous use, and are unlikely to have any “leftover” crack.

Anyway, with that in mind, here are a couple of Leftover Crack songs. The tracks came from various sources, so I’m not sure of the particular origins of each. Leftover Crack are currently more or less signed to Fat Wreck Chords, so you can probably go there for more information.

One Dead Cop.mp3
And Out Comes the N-Bomb.mp3
World War 4.mp3



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