Music from My Mailbox

Time to clean out the inbox again. There was not only a ton of music there, but there was a lot of really good stuff, too. And I don’t necessarily mean to say that like I’m surprised to find good music.

I got a few submissions from Touch and Go Records and every one of them was great – rockin’ stuff. Not only newer stuff like Crystal Antlers, but also punk veterans the Jesus Lizard (who, by the way, will be playing the Pitchfork festival in July if you get a chance to attend).

I got also got a couple of things from people just reaching out after they found my blog. Hemmit and Liquor Boxx came to my attention that way. Both play hard rock in the “classic” mode and I really appreciate them finding me they way they did.

And, as always, there are some songs here that are totally different from what I usually post: Some folksy-type things that I liked, and a couple of remix / hip-hop things.

Give them a listen; you know I wouldn’t intentionally make you listen to something terrible. And, as always, follow the links for more information.

Midnight Masses
Gospel / Gothic / Religious
From: New York/Texas, Antarctica
Band MySpace

Jesus Lizard

Alternative / Punk / Metal
From: Chicago, Ill.
Band MySpace

Double Think
Rock / Rock / Rock
From: New London, Connecticut
Band MySpace
You Think We’re In Love.mp3

Powerpop / Rock
From: Portland, Oregon
Band MySpace
Hold Out.mp3

Shoegaze / Indie / Other
From: Helsinki, Finland
Band MySpace
Through the Calm.mp3

Leonard Mynx
Acoustic / Indie
From: New York
Band: MySpace

Americana / Pop / Folk
From: Portland, Oregon
Band MySpace
People Like You.mp3

Screaming Females

Rock / Rock / Rock
From: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Band MySpace
Lights Out.mp3

Liquor Boxx
Rock / Classic Rock / Alternative
From: Chicago, Ill.
Band MySpace
Samantha Fox.mp3

Peter Walker
From: United States

All the Saints
Rock / Psychedelic
From: Atlanta, Alabama
Band MySpace
Fire On Corridor X.mp3

Two Fingers
Hip Hop
From: Canada
Band: MySpace
Backyard Betty (Spank Rock remixed).mp3

Crystal Antlers
From: Long Beach, Calif.
Band MySpace

Thrash / Thrash / Thrash
From: France
Band MySpace
We'll Drink The Blood (Meho Plaza remixed).mp3

Mikey Wax
Pop / Indie / Rock
From: New York
Band MySpace
In Case I Go Again.mp3

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