Break out the flannel...

I owe these dudes a big apology.

Winston Audio, out of Atlanta, was kind enough to send me some tracks from their first LP, The Red Rhythm, and it has taken me forever to get them posted and make sure you good people know about this band.

Favorite Gentlemen Records released The Red Rhythm February 12, so if you haven’t yet gotten your hands on it, you should. Winston Audio has pulled the flannel out of the closet, dusted it off, and is proudly wearing it.

I’ve been partial to fuzzed-up guitars since I first heard the dirty squall of “Hey Hey, My My.” I took fully to the so-called grunge movement of the late 80s, enthralled by a combination of the ragged sounding music and the driving beat; sort of punk, but melodic – well, you know that whole story.

Anyway, it’s hard now to dive into the grunge genre without sounding dated or, worse, sounding like Bush imitators, when Bush were just imitators of state-side bands. Winston Audio manages to avoid this pitfall by keeping the music a little more up-tempo and a little less dark. At the same time, they maintain the distorted guitars that should appeal not only to those of us who still have a couple of flannel shirts, but also to fans of any sort of guitar-driven rock. Check ‘em out.

Hey Ann.mp3
Devil’s Bed.mp3

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At 10:52 PM , Blogger Casey said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds good.

At 3:34 AM , Blogger Hanan said...

good band.


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