“With a curtsy and a twirl...”

Again I have to confess ignorance as to how I learned about a band. One minute I’m online looking for porn, the next I’ve found a punk band from Scotland. Go figure.

The Try Hards are a quartet of punkers out of Dundee, Scotland, a place that claims to be Scotland’s only south-facing city. (No relevance to the band, just thought I'd toss that in.)

Kev, Andy, and Ryan got together about five years ago, drawing from such classic influences as the Descendents and the Circle Jerks to create a noise they call “Fun music for fun people.”

Deeker joined up in December 2005, replacing Simon Spaceboy, the band’s first guitar player. Deek “slotted in perfectly,” according to the guys. The Try Hards continued “practising, plotting, planning, drinking, laughing, crying, and bleeding,” releasing an EP in early 2006 and contributing to a split CD release in late 2006.

I don’t know if the band is still active or not. Regardless, they’re still a lot of fun to listen to. Check out these couple of songs, then click over to the Try Hard’s MySpace, where you can download their entire catalogue for free.

Mongoloid (Devo cover).mp3
Should Have Been a Girl.mp3



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