Untitled Zeppelin post (take 12)

Well my friends, here we are at long last. The final chapter of my temporarily recurring feature here at the Licorice Pizza: The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Sessions disks.

When I kicked this off, I had intended to post one part per week. That was almost four months ago to the day. Well, I came close. I doubt I’ll undertake again anything of this magnitude; it stopped being fun after the first few weeks! Judging from the hits I get for these posts, though, I think most of you liked it and I do appreciate you checking it out.

Fittingly enough, these last 10 songs come from some of the last stuff Zeppelin would do: The first three tracks, recorded in May 1978 at Clearwell Castle in England, are early rehearsals for In Through the Out Door. The remaining tracks were recorded in April and May 1980 at the Rainbow and the New Victoria Theatres in London, just prior to the band kicking off its European tour. That tour started June 17 in Dortmund, Germany; three months later, John Bonham would tragically die, effectively bringing to an end one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands to ever exist.

The only real stand out here is a song called “Fire,” the first track. I couldn’t find any information about this song, where it came from, or what the story is behind it. It could be a cover, but I don’t immediately recognize it. Of the other tracks, there is nothing really special, other than the chance to hear Led Zeppelin together one final time.

Per usual, I’ve posted the individual songs and also Zipped them all up for you. I’ve also provided links to the 11 previous posts. Of those previous posts, I know the individual song links are still active, but I’m not sure about the RapidShare links – they expire after 30 days if they’re not used. Let me know if you come across something you can’t live without and the link is dead.

White Summer.mp3
White Summer/Black Mountain Side.mp3
Achilles Last Stand.mp3
Achilles Last Stand.mp3
Stairway to Heaven.mp3

Unzip it all here.


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At 11:37 AM , Blogger steevhead said...

Thank you so much for these postings! I would NEVER have had
a chance to hear these excellent recordings, if not for your time and generosity.

At 8:43 PM , Blogger a Tart said...

hun, you have been TOO good to us to share all this! Thanks ever so much, I'm proud to be a member of the Led Zeppelin geek club xoxoox

At 9:40 AM , Blogger aikin said...

thank YOU for leaving comments and letting me know you appreciate this.


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